Switching to Ubuntu 10.04 from Windows XP

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I’ve been a long-time Windows fan like the vast majority of computer users, having been introduced to the world of computers through the Microsoft marvel. But with the growing popularity of Linux flavors, aren’t open source operating systems worth giving a try? Ubuntu 10.04 is among the plethora of Linux distributions that you can choose from, touted to be very user-friendly and robust, especially the 32-bit version. It brings along a wave of benefits to those embarking on Operation Open Source. It’s fast and mostly reliable – it will help Read More

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SpiderOak Secure Cloud Storage and Backup Review

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SpiderOak Status

Making backups of important files is always smart. There are various ways to accomplish this, one is to simply copy data to external media. The best way is to use some form of off-site backup scheme so that the backup remains intact even if there is a robbery or the tech is destroyed in some kind of a disaster. The advent of modern broadband and the resulting rise in Internet based “cloud” services give users options for off-site backup on the Internet. One such option is SpiderOak. Backup With SpiderOak, Read More

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