How to Delete a MySpace Account

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To delete your Myspace account, the first thing you need to do is log in to your account. Once your page loads, go to the top right hand corner of the screen and click “My Account.” Unlike Facebook, Myspace has it very clearly labelled where the delete account button is and that makes the process considerably easier than other social networking sites available on the web. From the My Account section, click Account. This will take you to a page where all the account decisions are made such as privacy Read More

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MySpace Proxy

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Almost every anonymous proxy on the Internet runs either PHProxy or CGIProxy. You cannot access MySpace anonymously using a PHProxy. PHProxy removes all traces of anonymity whilst having Client-Side Scripting enabled. CGIProxy has Client-Side Scripting Enabled and still offers full anonymity. You can still use PHProxy to access MySpace, but you will not be anonymous. Why CGIProxy? CGIProxy offers full anonymity, no matter what it is that you do with it (unless the code has been edited to use PHP/MySQL queries); a PHProxy only offers full anonymity when the default Read More

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How to Unlock MySpace

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There are two common reasons why MySpace members need to unlock MySpace. Either they have forgotten their MySpace password or their access to MySpace has been blocked by a web content filter such as WebSense. Both problems are easily remedied. Resetting Your MySpace Password If you are locked out of MySpace because you lost your MySpace password, you can reset it by using this form. Just enter your email address in that form and your password will be sent to you. Once you have your new password, it is a Read More

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How to Read MySpace Inbox Messages

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Even if you’ve only recently opened up a MySpace, there is a good chance that you are receiving emails and profile comments from your friends and others who you do not know. In order to access your MySpace inbox messages, follow these simple steps below. First, log into your MySpace account with your email address and password, and press the login button. You will be taken to your main MySpace control center page, where you can edit your profile or your account information from the links near your selected picture. Read More

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How to Create Your Own MySpace Layout

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Creating your own MySpace layout requires the use of coding in CSS and HTML. Prior knowledge of these technologies is not absolutely necessary, but will make your life easier. There are two types of MySpace layouts. One involves customizing your default profile and another requires creating what is called a div layout. The latter is suitable for the more advanced user and prior knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended, but it is possible to create some amazing layouts this way. Customizing Your Default Profile To customize a MySpace profile Read More

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Change MySpace Password

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You must be logged into your MySpace account to change your password. To change your password: Click on the button from any web page Click the menu item to open the Account settings menu Click the item Enter your current password Enter your new password Enter your new password again Enter the text from the CAPTCHA image Click the button Video: How to Change Your MySpace Password

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